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ATP Physical Therapy offers on-site and virtual physical therapy, strength coaching, nutritional counseling, and more - combining aspects across multiple fields of study into a hybrid we like to call "Performance Therapy." 

We are not the norm. As such, we understand that you have questions. We have compiled a list of common questions below for your benefit. 

Question not answered below? Feel free to contact us via our contact form, or sign up for a free discovery call

  • Why don’t you take insurance?
    We work for our clients, not the insurance company. As profit driven entities, insurance companies are incentivized to collect more and pay out less. This means dwindling reimbursement, reduced visit authorization, and hoops to jump through for providers. We decided to step outside of a broken system to prioritize the patient first. No referrals necessary, no prior authorization, no visit limitations, no ulterior motives. As a result, our clients receive a higher quality of care from a provider who is granted the time and ability to listen and comprehend the patient in a holistic manner.
  • Do you accept Medicare?
    ATP Physical Therapy is not credentialed with Medicare. As such, only services not covered by Medicare can be provided to Medicare beneficiaries, such as personal training, wellness visits, or recovery services. Please contact me if you are a Medicare beneficiary and would like to learn more about options for treatment.
  • How often will I need to schedule visits? How often do you see patients?
    The short answer: Most patients schedule 1x/week or 2x/month. The long answer: The standard insurance-based model of care encourages PT reliance for progression of rehabilitation. This leads to an industry standard 2-3 visits/week. With the standard plan of care at 4-6 weeks that can lead to up to 18 visits – a time cost that many struggle with. With cash-based PT we place a higher emphasis on education and empowerment of the patient to be independent in their care – utilizing the PT more on a consultant basis at pre-determined points along the rehabilitation journey. Our 1:1 treatment model allows for more efficient use of time, more personalized treatment, and a more in-depth understanding of the client’s issues, meaning far fewer visits required to reach the same (if not better) outcomes. Many of our patients only need to come once a week or bimonthly and our average plan of care is 3-6 visits. Fewer visits means less time called off work or scheduling babysitters, less time away from your passions and hobbies – and more time enjoying a pain free life.
  • What payments are accepted?
    You may pay for services using cash, a check, or a credit/debit card. Payment plans are available in select cases where financial hardship might deter a patient from receiving the care they need from our providers. Patients also may use their FSA/HSA funds.
  • What types of injuries do you typically treat?
    Diagnoses and problems commonly treated at ATP Physical Therapy include: Orthopedic and Soft Tissue Injuries of the back, neck, shoulder, hip, knee, ankle, and foot; Acute and Chronic Back Pain Issues; Return-to-Running and Return-to-Sport Rehabilitation; and Neuromuscular conditions. As a Board Certified Orthopedic Specialist, competitive bodybuilder, and previous collegiate athlete, Dr. James has experience in all aspects of the athletic rehabilitative experience from the pitch/field to the weightroom.
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