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At ATP Physcial Therapy we believe in...


Have you heard this line before, “We can only treat one body part per session.”


Or, “you only have two more visits for the year.”


How about “insurance denied further visits.”


At ATP PT we are able to treat the patient, not an impairment. We look beyond acute pain to determine underlying causes, lifestyle factors, and nutritional and psychological components of healing. You’ll receive a customized plan from a Board-Certified Orthopedic Specialist Physical Therapist catered to rehabilitating you towards your personal hobbies, goals, and passions. We go beyond pain management and focus on performance across your personal goals to get you back to full function.


True 1:1 Care

For a physical therapy clinic to be in-network with insurance companies, they agree to accept an insurance company's rates, which are historically low and trending lower. As a result, the clinic is forced to increase patient volume and total visits to recoup financial loss. This results in double or triple booking patients, reduced time with each patient, and for many – provider burnout.


With ATP PT each patient will receive 1:1 care for each one-hour session. Your treatment is private, personalized, and wholly dedicated to your needs. Where insurance-based clinics rely on high volume and flow of patients, we rely on quality of care, specialized care, and the patient experience. 


Specialist Care

We spend weeks - if not longer - researching appliances, cars, comparing contractors, etc. Yet when injured we simply go to the closest provider? Seems odd, no?

When an injury affects your ability to earn a living or reduces your quality of life you should find a physical therapist who specializes in not only your injury but your athletic/recreational endeavors.

Dr. James has been a competitive team sport athlete (soccer, baseball, tennis, rugby) for 14+ years in some capacity, culminating in a 4 year collegiate soccer career. He has dedicated the last seven years of his life to the understanding of strength, barbell, and physique sports – and currently is a competitive bodybuilding athlete and coach. Beyond Doctoral education, Dr. James completed additional residency training and testing to become credentialed as a Board Certified Orthopedic Specialist. As such, Dr. James is uniquely educated and qualified to assist athletes and individuals of all ages return to their sport of choice.


Open Communication

If you go to traditional physical therapy clinic and you have a question in-between sessions, chances are you'll have to call and leave a message, then hope that the clinician isn’t so busy that they can’t call you back within the next handful of days.  

Due to the lower frequency nature of our treatment model, we strongly encourage an open and ongoing line of communication between patient and clinician. There should never be a time where a patient is unsure of how to progress or regress their movement prescription in response to their symptoms. Updates and modifications to home exercise programs can be made via email depending on patient response to care, quick questions can be addressed via text or call, and for our clients whom purchase “VIP” memberships – direct messaging can be completed within our mobile training app.


Transparent Pricing

Most health insurance policies don't cover the entire cost of a physical therapy visit. If cash-based physical therapy rates seem high to you, realize that even with health insurance many patients are still responsible for copays of $40-50 and larger amounts if you haven’t hit your deductible for the year. The difference is that with traditional insurance-based care you don’t necessarily know what the end bill will be and might not know for months until the final bill arrives in the mail.


With ATP PT our costs are described at the initial visit. You leave knowing just how much per visit and per plan of care you will be responsible for. One flat cost, no upsells, no hidden fees. Honest pricing. You pay and a service is provided.


Still unsure, let’s look at the hypothetical math…


​Insurance-Based Clinic


A 60 minute evaluation will be billed to insurance companies at anywhere between $225 to nearly $300 for that evaluation alone. Then about $175-$225 for a follow-up. Most traditional clinics schedule their patients 2x/week for 4-6 weeks.




1 eval ($275-$300) + 8 visits ($175-$225) = $1,675-$2100 billed to insurance for the complete plan of care.


Often the insurance company will have a maximum allowable amount, so while you might not be responsible for all of the costs associated, until you hit your deductible a large percentage of those charges will be passed on to you on top of your copays. However, as we discussed above, you won’t receive the bill for 4-8 weeks, at which point you’ve likely attended further visits and accumulated further charges.


Cash-Based Clinic


This one is pretty simple.


We don’t charge per service, we don’t charge per minute, we charge one flat rate per session with options for priority memberships for those looking for a concierge experience.


Sessions never expire and are yours to use when needed.


Continuation of Care

Proactive Approaches


No insurance visit limitations or reimbursement requirements means that the decision to discharge your plan of care is entirely up to the patient. With a background in strength training and athletic performance, Dr. James can seamlessly transition patients from acute injury rehabilitation into long term maintenance or performance driven customized training at the discretion of the patient. The plan of care doesn’t end with the abolishment of pain, Dr. James will work to get you back to baseline and better, regardless of activity or athletic goal.

Discharge When You’re Ready

Cash based physical therapy allows for proactive approaches to health and wellness. Consider our wellness evaluations and maintenance care much as you would your yearly physician well check or an oil change at the mechanic – regular, scheduled, and affordable preemptive care to prevent or reduce the chances of a major issue. 


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